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Here's what it does: Super-Seal Gasketing Insulates Commercial and Residential Applications and OEM Windows and Doors and Garage Doors Also!

Foamedge Super-Seal gasketing insulates against heat and cold. Polyurethane foam has the lowest K-factor (measure of heat transmission) of any commonly used insulating material. Super-Seal Gasketing takes full advantage of this, providing a tough, wear-resistant insulation that will compress to form a temperature-tight seal. Its shape will conform even to irregular surfaces, forming an impassable barrier against heat or cold transfer. Super-Seal gasketing can be used effectively up to 250 degrees F, and remains flexible down to -20 degrees F. (The foam remains flexible far below -20 degrees, however, the vinyl cover will stiffen at that point.)

Super-Seal Gasketing Dampens Shock and Vibrations
Our gasketing is widely used to absorb damaging shocks; to isolate a vibrating component from the rest of the assembly; to prevent transmission of vibration to housing, hoods or covers; to prevent slamming or rattling of doors, lids, hoods or covers. With a foam density of 4 pounds per cubic foot, the standard gasketing is ideal for most such applications. Because the gasketing compression set is minimal, it provides a permanently resilient vibration or shock absorber. A long service life is further assured by the excellent wear-resistance of the tough vinyl skin.

Super-Seal Gasketing Dampens Sound
Independent acoustical laboratories have tested Super-Seal gasketing on metal partitions and walls and rated it in the Standard Transmission Class of 43 (ASTM E90-61T), making it one of the most effective sound dampers available.

In many sound-deadening applications, peripheral seal of Super-Seal gasketing is used to isolate a panel or partition from adjacent members, effectively preventing the transmission of sound from one to the other.

Super-Seal Gasketing Seals Out Dust and Dirt
Dust-sensitve or dirt-sensitive apparatus such as electrical or electronic equipment, office equipment, control panels and cabinets can be sealed tight and worry-free with Super-Seal gasketing. Used around doors and access openings, it forms an effective barrier against dirt, grime, and many types of corrosive atmospheres.

Super-Seal gasketing is not affected by oils or greases. However, certain solvents may cause the foam to swell. Some chemicals may extract plasticizer from the vinyl, causing it to stiffen. We will be glad to advise on specific applications.

Super-Seal Gasketing Seals Out Light
Super-Seal gasketing prevents light leaks effectively and inexpensively in flush-mounted light fixtures, light-sensitve instruments, wall panels and photographic equipment. Its spongy resilience makes it easy to compress to fit small cracks and crevices. Installation is extremely simple using either the self-adhesive tape or mechanical fasteners.

Super-Seal Gasketing Insulates Against Heat or Cold in Numerous Other Applications
Super-Seal gasketing can be used to seal just about any opening and in fact is in use in thousands of applications from marine to RV to aerospace to control panels and more.


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